Bring on the Dolls

Yesterday brought about another addition to the super fun Dollhouse Series I co-write with the amazing Erin Lee. I absolutely adore this series. On most days, I consider myself a fan of the darker side of life. I love horror movies, scary stories, and don’t get me started on those ghost investigation shows on television and streaming networks. I could talk about those all day long…lol. This series isn’t horror. Is it creepy? Of course it is. It’s dealing with sex dolls who have artificial intelligence. Is there anything creepier than that? The main thing about this series though is the humor. I never realized just how badly I needed to write something funny. Yes, I love my horror and the chills I get creating monsters and mayhem, but every now and then, I need the laughs.

The writing process for these books is just as much fun. Writing with Erin is a pure joy any day, but toss in the madness of Petunia, or any of the dolls for that matter, and it becomes something completely different. We can’t stop cracking up while we are constantly trying to throw situations or musings from the characters at one another to shake the other up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the chapter she’s written and laughed out loud at the predicament she’s put my character in. I love it.

Is the dollhouse series for everyone? Probably not. I think it should be, but I’m sure there are people out there who aren’t into twisted rom-coms or off the wall antics. That’s okay though. It really is. Do I want everyone to read about the dolls and laugh along with us? Yes, I do. I also understand that sometimes that just isn’t the case. We have tons of books coming in our little guilty pleasure series. Are they off the wall? Most definitely. Did we have fun writing them? Always. There’s no difficulty with these installments. It’s pure fun, hilarity, and goofiness. It’s a great release for us, and honestly, we hope for everyone else. So, if you’re a fan of goofy fun that truly doesn’t have rhyme or reason behind it, while still getting the overall creepiness of dolls in general, Petunia, Guy, Sage, and the rest of the gang in the dollhouse series may be right up your dark, humorous, alley. I’ll drop the links to the three currently available below just in case your mind is as twisted as ours.

Have a great day, y’all!

Lots of Love,

Rena ❤

Book One in the Dollhouse Series: Petunia

Book Two (also part of the Donut Shop Series): Sage’s Sticky Buns

Book Three: Petunia’s Valentine

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