Cursed Candy? Why, yes!

Day two of the back to back releases brings another visit to Dead Oaks, North Carolina as The Curse of the Candy Corn Queen enters the world of The Candy Shop Series! This novella visits some of our favorite Dead Oaks residents as they prepare for the re-imagining of the annual Candy Corn Festival. In this story co-written with Author Skylar McKinzie you will get your normal dose of Dead Oaks death with a little sprinkling of candy on top. Grab your copy here…

Curse of the Candy Corn Queen
A Candy Shop Series Novella
Rena Marin
Skylar McKinzie
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Twenty years ago Mary Donovan was crowned the Candy Corn Queen of the Dead Oaks Harvest Festival. Twenty-four hours later, she was found dead and hanged on the very stage where she was crowned. Over the years, attempts have been made to crown a new queen, but each has been met with tragedy. Now, the little town of Dead Oaks needs something uplifting to bring everyone together. Can the Harvest Festival help put the past behind them or will the curse of the Candy Corn Queen be reborn? Will love be what it takes to finally break the curse?

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