Possessed by Passion is LIVE!!

Yes, it’s true, Possessed by Passion went live at midnight. I’m massively excited, scared, hopeful, thankful, and all kinds of other things this morning. Like I’ve said before, this is it, this is my shot at those USA Today Bestseller letters. I want them. Damn, do I want them. The thing is, I’m not one of those people who refuses to see the truth of a given situation. This one is plain and simple. No matter how hard we’ve worked or how much time and effort we’ve put in this boxset, those letters may not come. That’s the reality of making a run like this.

Another part of making a list run like this is the amazing authors you get to work with. I’m in awe of the talent I’m surrounded by. Each one of them is amazing. The stories they have crafted for this set are suspenseful, dark, romantic, and breathtaking. I am so blessed to be associated with all of them.

The support group for this box set has been amazing as well. Two people in particular have kept me sane, focused, and laughing throughout. Our set leader and friend, Erin Lee has been crucial to this whole process. She has been there to answer each of the goofy questions I ask. She has kicked me in the ass when I’ve needed it. She’s even shared laughs with me when it felt like I was losing my mind. She has been one hell of a ringleader. To Erin, thank you for always being there and taking the time to guide me through this crazy thing called book world.

My PA and friend, Diana Richie has also been a rock through all this. When work kept me from being around, Diana stepped in and did extra to help me stay afloat. She’s complained with me, worried with me, and stalked rankings with me. To Diana, you’re amazing and thank you for all you do to keep me going.

Now, on to the words. My story in the Possessed by Passion boxset is called The Arisen. Anala, my Phoenix, was born in the pits of hell. When those in the pit couldn’t control her, Anala was banished to earth. In a way, I saw Anala as an angsty, rebellious teen while in hell. She didn’t like being told what to do. She didn’t like being used as a weapon. Like a human teenager, she didn’t care too much for her parents and their ideas for her life. On earth though, Anala found her place. She felt at home. With two demons who escaped the pit with her, Arwyn and Darwyn, she leads what feels like a normal life. The twist though, Anala lives, then dies, and is reborn just like a Phoenix.

Anala’s story truly begins when Heaven realizes Hell is ready to make their move in the battle between good and evil. Sebastian, the angel, makes his way to Earth in hopes of learning Anala’s true allegiance and remove her from the battle if necessary. Once Sebastian makes his presence known, the true battle begins to unfold.

Now, what’s a paranormal romance without a love interest? Enter, Beau. He’s hot, set in his ways, and a man with morals. In his eyes, Anala is too young for him, but there’s no denying the connection between them. Will Beau let his feelings be known? Will he accept what Anala is? All those questions will be answered when you read The Arisen!

So, now the ball is in your court. If you’ve read this far and are willing to help a group of authors achieve their dreams, then I’ll leave the links below. Any sell helps, but we could really use Nook, Kobo, and Apple sales right now. Guess what, Nook and Kobo don’t require a download to order. Apple, all you need is an iPhone. If you’re willing to toss in a few bucks, read some amazing stories, and help us chase those letters, we would be forever grateful. We are pushing hard, keeping our fingers crossed, and hoping each of you join us on the ride. Thanks for everything.

Amazon: mybook.to/PBP

Kobo: https://bit.ly/35FXys0

Apple: https://apple.co/3kqjj3e

Nook: https://bit.ly/33GUjhw

Lots of Love,


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