We’ve all heard of the seven deadly sins.
But lesser known are the seven virtues that give us our humanity.
Faith is belief in the right things.
Hope is taking a positive future view that good will prevail.
Charity is concern for, and active helping of, others.
Fortitude is never giving up.
Justice is being fair and equitable with others.
Prudence is care of and moderation with money.
Temperance is moderation of needed things and abstinence from things which are not needed.
Seven authors will take on the seven virtues in a zany multi-genre mash up in hopes of restoring faith in the human condition.
Join us as we shed a light on the good in humankind…


Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned.
The Roman Catholic sacrament of confession has been around as long as the church. A sacred ritual believed to clear one’s soul of guilt and offer eternal forgiveness, believers flock to the confessional to admit their sins to priests in churches across the world every day.
But what are those sins?
Vowed to an oath of secrecy, priests listen to the darkest and sometimes smallest of misdeeds.
What do they hear?
What penance is paid?
Join us in the confessional, where authors take their best guess at the stories that are told in the confessional…


They come in all shapes and sizes.
Some are scaly and walk on webbed feet through shallow marshes. Others linger in the water, slimy and waiting for human toes to snack on.
Most of them are blood thirsty. Many are merely curious.
There are those who dwell on land, hiding behind trees and roots the color of mud. These creatures can run quicker than the fastest man. Beware: They’ll catch you if they can.
They are the creepy critters childhood nightmares are made of. But this isn’t a book of child’s play. Instead, it is of the creeps whom even the bravest of adults is most certainly afraid.
Look out.
The creepers are coming.
You have been warned.


1.the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.
“a day that will live in infamy”
•an evil or wicked act.

It is defined as something so wicked, so horrific, that it can never be forgotten.
To be infamous is to live forever.
It is to leave a legacy so tragic that it changes the very definition of the person who committed the act.
Read fictional takes on infamous people so malicious we will not soon be able to erase them from history.
Was it intentional? So we would never forget?
Why did they do it?
What made them snap?
Would they do it again in an effort to preserve or even erase their sinful legacy?

Art Inspires Words: Book Three

Writers take inspiration from their experiences and those of others. They also harvest the colors, tastes, smells, tactile stimulus, and sounds around them, and the world in which they reside or wish they could to write their tales. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” For this anthology collection, Art Inspires Words, we literally gave the writers a painted canvas to spark their creativity. The only limitation set on each author was that the famous painting he/she selected must be the muse for the story. That’s how the stories you are about to read were created. Art inspired more art, this time in the form of words. Relax in your most comfortable space and enjoy.

The Curse

Some people believe in curses.
Others believe curses are myths … until it happens to them.
When these authors gather to unravel the mysteries behind curses, will everyone get out alive? Or, will they stay cursed forever?
Welcome to The Curse.

Murder Maker
An entwined horror anthology

Horror author Lee Mathews lives in a rural town in northern Maine. A famous horror author big enough to rival King, he’s released more than 100 titles over the course of his career. Now, ailing, out of words and deep in retirement, he’s turned his attention to his legacy: helping less established authors carry on his craft.
But a life’s work doesn’t come without muses. There are things—qualities and even objects—that have steered Mathews’ writings through the years. Literary critics have been able to spot them. Readers who have paid attention have noticed them too. But no one is quite sure exactly what ties his work together or why. He’s kept that a secret and very intentionally.
With a terminal diagnosis and limited time, Lee has invited a group of superfan authors to his home to study under him for six weeks. They will learn not only what ties his work but how to propel his legacy. Lee’s chosen has agreed to drop all they know about the written word, lose their own voices, and take on his forever.
The hook? Not everyone will leave the mansion—rumored to be haunted—alive. Instead, Mathews will use one unsuspecting author as the group’s muse.
Who will survive? Who will die? And why?

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