Backwoods Justice Series

The Backwoods Justice Series Book 1

In the Summer of 1995, three friends set off on a road trip to celebrate their graduation and the start of their first summer of freedom. Visiting a secret swimming hole, they find more than the peace and quiet they expected. With a sabotaged truck, their only option is to make the journey back to civilization on foot. As night sets in, they quickly realize they aren’t alone on the deserted stretch of road. Now, they must fight for their lives and pray they can survive the night on the backroad.

The Hideaway
The Backwoods Justice Series Book 2

Sissy survived a horrific night on a backroad. The horrors she witnessed still haunts her. The worst part? The thing that keeps her awake at night? He’s still out there. The boy. The child being raised by the madman who killed her best friends escaped. The police found no evidence he ever existed. Locals believe he’s simply a figment of her imagination, but she knows the truth. Trying to piece together a normal life, Sissy finally allows someone in. Dean is everything she needs. He’s strong, supportive, and most of all, he believes her. In hopes of helping her through the anniversary of that night, he whisks her away on a secret rendezvous. But in the backwoods, you’re never alone. Someone is watching their every move from the darkness. Sissy feels it. She knows something isn’t right. The watchers in the woods have been waiting for this night. They want Sissy and Hart alone. They want them to suffer. Will they escape their secret hideaway or will the family finally have their revenge?.

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