Dark Hollow Ridge Series

The Witches of Dark Hollow Ridge

Growing up a witch can be fun. Learning spells, making potions, and discussing the future is all part of that fun for Sadie and her friends Daria, Naomi, and Willa—that is, until tragedy strikes the little town of Dark Hollow Ridge. Sadie’s aunt, Vivian, is found murdered. Determined to find out what happened to their mentor and friend, the girls find themselves caught up in a world of secrets and lies, all revolving around the coven they are soon to join and its intimidating leader, Cleo. While their worlds seem to be unraveling, a revelation involving Dorian, a boy from their pasts, leaves them with more on their plates than they can handle. Now the girls must choose who they can trust while trying to piece together the clues to Vivian’s murder, all while the threat of war looms over their heads. Will they join a coven they can’t trust, or will they stand on their own as The Witches of Dark Hollow Ridge?


The Hunter’s Guild of Dark Hollow Ridge

On the run from the strongest witch alive, Sadie has tightened the reigns on her coven and declared Love Manor their refuge. But that is only the beginning. Soon, Sadie joins the hunters, and their young leader Ryder on a mission to face creatures she thought only existed in nightmares. Can Sadie and her new allies stop the vampires before they take over Dark Hollow Ridge, or will the powerful Ebony succeed in bending them all to her will?


The Midnight Sisters of Dark Hollow Ridge
The conclusion to the Dark Hollow Ridge Series

With the Hunter’s Guild at their side, Sadie and the Witches of Dark Hollow Ridge are preparing to make their final stand. Armed with a secret that can change everything, Sadie tries to convince the only witch strong enough to stand against the evil Ebony and her supporters to join the fray. When her plan falls apart, will Sadie and her coven rise to their potential or will they find themselves at the mercy of the Midnight Sisters?


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