Doll House Series

Petunia: A twisted romance

Some guys wait their whole lives to find true love. Not me. I wasn’t wasting another Thursday night playing poker with dudes. I’d simply had enough. I knew you had to work for what you desired. That part was easy. I wanted a woman who would listen and people called a ‘doll.’ I needed a girl-next-door type who knew exactly how to thank her man for a hard day’s work. That was my Petunia. I saved every dime and eventually moved to matching tea cloths – women like that stuff. Every detail—from the chandelier in the foyer to the granite counter tops—was for her. I refinished the full 4,000 square feet of our home myself, leaving only the original furniture. Petunia’s gonna love it. I can’t wait to give her a tour. Room by room, I’ll take her through the home I’ve built for us. I’ve even saved a room to paint her favorite color. She’ll be here any minute. It’s time to make the roast. I’m set for tracking alerts on her. And once she gets here? Neither of us will ever spend another night alone. Hang in there, love. One more hour and you’ll be forever home…

Sage’s Sticky Buns
The Dollhouse Series Book 2

Life is complicated for the only sex doll with true intelligence at Bob’s warehouse. After her creator brings Sage into the world of not only artificial intelligence but limbs, lashes and private parts to order, it quickly becomes apparent that she’s not among friends. Armed with a plan to prove that dolls are people too, Sage teams up with Busty Brenda to show all men that there’s more to women than body parts. It starts with Sage’s secret ingredient and a plan to charm them with her sticky buns…

Petunia’s Valentine

One Guy. One doll. One hell of a first Valentine’s Day. What happens when Cupid strikes Petunia’s silicone ass and the newly married couple finally makes it out into the real world for their honeymoon? With hospice, fears of getting caught, and even the stiffs behind them, Guy and Petunia have big plans – starting with a trip back south to Petunia’s warehouse. A road trip. A silicone bride. A guy ready to prove the world he wasn’t wrong. What could possibly happen with Petunia and the only man for her involved?

Pop Rox

With a new baby in the doll warehouse, Sage, the mother of all dolls, is busy. She could use a little help. Help by the name of Foxy Roxy. Doll creator Bob’s latest robotic invention, Roxy will serve not only as BJ’s nanny, but warehouse manager Rena’s assistant. What could possibly go wrong with a new doll in town and a whole lot of new inventions? Buyer Beware: This one blasts off in your mouth and won’t melt in your hands…

Petunia’s Freight Night with Fred

The silicone southern belle bride wasn’t even on her honeymoon before she noticed the way freaky Fred looked at her. An on-order wedding guest, her plastic cousin had rubbed her wrong since she and her love’s wedding night. But now, with the leaves taking a final bow and strange noises in her and Guy’s dream dollhouse, the sex doll is sure of one thing: Fred’s out to get her. Worse? He’s out to kill her man. And Petunia will stop at nothing to bring him down. She knows about the freezers. She doesn’t mind the smell of moth balls either. But with the ground frozen behind the gazebo and Marcy and her stupid dog sniffing around it will be a Halloween to remember. It’s not every day you see a sex doll show down.

Mail Order Malaysia

Aiden is tired of bending to the will of the entitled tourists who visit his uncle’s romantic island resort. He wants his chance to experience love, romance, and all the beauty of his homeland with the woman of his dreams. But what’s a guy to do when he doesn’t have time to find Miss Right? Order her, of course. After a chance online encounter with the owner of a sex doll warehouse, Aiden finds himself waiting for his perfect woman to arrive. According to Bob, she will be everything he’s ever wanted. With a little help from Sage, however, Aiden may find himself with more than he can handle when Bombshell Barbie lands. No one ever said taming a mail order silicone partner was easy!

Dolls for Days

Intercourse, PA. Where else would a family of silicone sweethearts go for vacation? With the channel running itself and everything working well at the warehouse, it’s time for a break. Guy and Petunia take the dolls on an adventure they won’t soon forget: Problem one – no electricity. Problem two – no internet. The biggest problem of all? How to get Marcy out of the hay…Join the girls on a trip where there’ll be dolls for days as the silicone family heads to Amish country!

Petunias and Cream

Sugar, spice and all the things nice: That’s what sex dolls are made of? Even Petunia is having a hard time getting her head around the old cliché. Lately, and after more than a year of domestic bliss, she’s had hankerings to break outside the proverbial cardboard travel box. Armed with a plan to show her Guy some fun, Petunia becomes determined to spice things up not only in the bedroom but kitchen too. If all goes to plan, it will start with a trip to the soda shop and end with a pop only a silicone princess could dream up…

Cat Doll

“Dolls for days.” It was all Cat Doll needed to hear. Done with the cat calls that came with the territory of being, whelp, plastic, Katrina has an idea. If she, the smartest in the entire warehouse, can somehow catalogue the dolls and get things organized, she might have a shot at teaching them all a lesson. With Sage and Rox distracted and the rest of the dolls falling in line, it will be up to Katrina to teach them all a thing or two about ride or die… And while she’s at it? A little history seminar too. That is, after all, what teachers are meant to do.

Van-Go Trip

The dolls in the warehouse are stir crazy. Sad about Barbie’s departure, it’s up to Sage and Katrina to save the day with a Catnip Corner field trip. Katrina knows just where to go – an art museum. And Sage, the mother of all, is determined to give BJ the experience of a lifetime on the homeschool-sponsored trip to Tennessee’s biggest art museum. Culture, she insists, is everything. But will Nikki, the resident warehouse artist approve? What will ever become of her pumpkin mural? What happens when it’s Dolls for Days in the real world? It’s a road trip – Van-go style, ya’ll.

Sylvia’s Secret Santa

Every doll has her secrets. And ever since being dragged to The Dollhouse as one of Petunia’s silicone wedding guests, Sylvia has been pushed to the side. Tired of being lumped in with the whorish, plastic cousins, it’s Sylvia’s turn to steal the channel. With her very own AI chip from Sage and the newlyweds distracted, Sylvia plans to make this Christmas one to remember…It will start with a secret. It will end with a special visit from a very secret Santa.

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