Piano Man

Pierce Leewood, known to the town of Cobbly Nob as the Piano Man, played for the visitors who graced Reagan Inn. His magical melodies made him beloved to guests but stories of his past left him a source of suspicion for locals. When young girls began to go missing and turned up dead, the Piano Man played his last tune.

Twenty years later, Sarah Hayes and her daughter Amber find themselves uprooting their lives and returning to Cobbly Nob to help take care of family and the soon to reopen inn. While her mom and Grams immerse themselves in opening-day preparations, the mysteries of Reagan Inn and its most feared employee haunt Amber…as do its ghosts.

As the monster known as the Piano Man sets his sights on Amber, she is determined to free the ghosts otherwise bound to suffer at his hands. Can she put an end to the Piano Man’s terror? Or will Amber find herself the next to face the music?


An Escape from Reality Series Novella

What started out as an ordinary camping trip quickly turns dark when a group of teenagers hits the quirky, wooded town of Escape, Colorado. Known for its hiking trails and legends about a shifting creature that lives in the woods, the teens never expected to come face to face with it. But that was then.
This is now.
It’s tall. It has razor-like teeth. Its tangled claws have a reach longer than its rectangular face.
And confronted with a monster unlike anything the teens have ever read about, they have two choices: outsmart or be devoured…


Uninvited Guests

Local legends and stories of strange happenings aren’t uncommon in the mountains. The people who live there know how to keep a secret. When Tori decides to spend her first winter as part of the skeleton crew at the Ogle Lodge Mountain High Retreat, she quickly discovers the scary stories you whisper in the dark are true. Can she survive the long winter nights haunted by the children of the mountain? Or will she fall prey to uninvited guests?


Triple Threat
A Creature Features Series

There are things hidden in the darkness. Sometimes we can’t see them. Other times? They come out of hiding to invade our minds and tear our worlds apart. They are the things we fear most, the horrors we run from, the reason we close our eyes. When the creatures come for you, will you be ready? Or will you find yourself falling at the hands of your worst nightmares? This Creature Features Short Story Collection will leave you questioning the existence of monsters, and wondering if you’ll survive the night.



With the entire world facing a pandemic, Diana Peterson and her daughter Brooke decide to leave the city and ride out the stay at home order at their vacation home on the lake. Life is quieter there. More secluded. Safer. Or at least they thought it was. An incoming storm system immediately sends the mother and daughter into lockdown mode. While preparing for the storm, a stranger finds his way to the door. His request? A place for him and his friends to shelter from the weather rolling in. With her daughter’s health and safety in mind, Diana refuses, leaving them to fend for themselves. But some people don’t take no for an answer. As the rain, wind, and thunder rolls outside, the strangers from across the lake think they have the advantage, but they have forgotten one important rule of nature. A mother will do anything to protect her child.



They didn’t know the darkness Daniel kept buried inside. They only saw him as their driver. They wouldn’t understand the hunger he fought to control. They could never comprehend the things he was capable of. But one by one they were going to learn. He had money to make and the next fare was waiting.



It’s been a year since Tessa witnessed the horrific events in the Escape mountains that claimed the lives of her friends and the man she loved. Grief, anger, and vengeance has been growing inside her. Each day the creature who devoured the love of her life lives, the angrier she becomes. Finally sharing her story on the internet gives her the chance to warn others of the dangers in the mountains, but not everyone listens. When a team of adventure hunters come to Escape determined to find the monster that took Clay from her, how can she refuse them? Armed with video cameras to track their every move, Tessa leads them back to the familiar trails in search of the monster that destroyed her life. Will they come face to face with the Devourer, or will Tessa’s need for revenge consume them all?


Flowers for Meg

Meg. Not Megan or Meghan or even Margaret. Just Meg. Her name was as simple as her world. Every day was the same. With a piping hot cup of coffee, she’d stroll from her dingy bedroom to a dusty office across the hall. She’d issue orders to people she didn’t care to know. She’d fire them because she could and cared zero about how it hurt the minimum wage 1099 gig employees struggling to make ends meet. It would not matter to Meg that one stayed home with her dying husband and disabled daughter. She could care less about the single mother trying to put her twins through school with three jobs. The fact that Meg’s employees were counting on every scrap of work they could get to pay for medications and rents would be of no consequence. Hell, it gave her more power. Meg had no life and couldn’t imagine anyone else would either. It was really that simple – to her. At 5 p.m. on the dot, she’d turn her notifications off and eat grape pop tarts for dinner. By eight, she was back to her room with only a single light on and no plans. Tomorrow would be the same. She liked it that way. Alone but not bitter. Until one day. Until the day the pink flowers came with a note attached and a wayward link and everything in Meg’s simple life began to shatter.


Little Sleepwalkers

Amber Jacobs was strange from the beginning.
For starters, she never slept. Even as an infant, lullabies never worked. Wide-eyed and clutching an old rag doll, Raga-Muffin, she stared at the ceiling until light crept back into her bassinet.
Later, as kids in playgroups talked and even fought in the sandbox, Amber only had eyes for her doll until her mother finally took them home.
Doctors, teachers, and even the psychiatrist couldn’t figure out what was wrong. A child who could pass any developmental assessment well above her age, every adult in her life was perplexed.
But not the doll. For it was Muffin who knew all of Amber’s secrets. Muffin had secrets of her own.


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