Romance/Paranormal Romance

Tennessee Two-Step

Heather Michaels is used to getting what she wants, except for Kevin Knight, that is. He was all she ever wanted in high school but he was her brother’s best friend and barely acknowledged her existence. Now, Heather is back in Willow Creek. This time she has a plan. Kevin will be hers. It will all start with a little Tennessee Two-Step.

The Arisen

Born in the pits of hell, she was meant to unleash darkness upon the earth. A daughter of the Beast, born of Lilith, she was meant to be the ultimate weapon. They never anticipated her power. She wasn’t meant to rebel. Unable to harness her, they banished her to earth where she finally found her true home. Now the war between good and evil is at its peak, and the home she has made for herself is in danger. When worlds collide and the lives of those she loves are at stake, they will witness the rise of the Phoenix firsthand. The time has come to prove hell hath no fury…like hers!

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