Coming Out Monster

Every creature fantasizes about being the best of their kind. But what happens when your one supernatural talent is the thing that makes no sense to you at all?
A vampire who faints at the sight of blood.
A werewolf who believes every day is Hump Day.
A mute banshee.
A Wendigo afraid of the woods.
A vegan zombie.
A witch afraid to curse.
A monster afraid to get under the bed.
A demon with a conscience.
An angel with a dirty secret.
A shapeshifter who got stuck.
A sex addict ghost with an obsession.
Enter a fantastical other world of, well, f@ck ups with only one way to ever fit into their molds…

Dragon Slayer Society
The Sequel to Coming Out Monster

They’ve made it through Coming Out Monster but the work isn’t done. After slaying their dragons, the monsters have a new purpose: working with humans on a united front. With Zoe’s leadership and Morgan Flutterby off on her own happy ending, can the beasts of Coming Out Monster convince human beings that they matter too? Dragon Slayer Society is the satirical, fantastical sequel to Erin Lee and Rena Marin’s Coming Out Monster. What happens when the crazy crew integrates with humans?

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