Shop Series

Sage’s Sticky Buns
A Donut Shop Series Novella

Life is complicated for the only sex doll with true intelligence at Bob’s warehouse. After her creator brings Sage into the world of not only artificial intelligence but limbs, lashes and private parts to order, it quickly becomes apparent that she’s not among friends. Armed with a plan to prove that dolls are people too, Sage teams up with Busty Brenda to show all men that there’s more to women than body parts. It starts with Sage’s secret ingredient and a plan to charm them with her sticky buns…

Death with a Cinnamon Sugar Twist
A Donut Shop Series Novella

Zoey wants nothing more than to find her place in life. Hiding in the shadows isn’t her thing. With the world now accepting people who are different, she knows fitting in is a real possibility. Being undead isn’t going to stop her. The first step in her takeover of the world, the perfect job! Fast food doesn’t appeal to her. With her special circumstances, factory work isn’t a good idea. But when her neighbor offers up a job running the night shift at Destiny’s Donuts, Zoey knows she’s found the answer. If she can keep herself together that is. Nothing comes easy to a living dead girl. Annoying customers, fingers that don’t want to stay attached, and a hunger that is a bitch to control all come together to make Zoey’s first adventure in the workforce something she will never forget. Sprinkle in a regular that has their eye on her and Zoey quickly realizes like donuts, life after death can be a sweet treat.

Pop Rox
A Candy Shop and Dollhouse Series Novella

With a new baby in the doll warehouse, Sage, the mother of all dolls, is busy. She could use a little help. Help by the name of Foxy Roxy. Doll creator Bob’s latest robotic invention, Roxy will serve not only as BJ’s nanny, but warehouse manager Rena’s assistant. What could possibly go wrong with a new doll in town and a whole lot of new inventions? Buyer Beware: This one blasts off in your mouth and won’t melt in your hands…

Country Bumpkin’s Butter Cups
A Candy Shop Series Novella

Country Bumpkin’s Butter Cups has been the bread and butter of the Dillard family for as long as people can remember. The sweet treats made by Grammy Dillard left mouths watering and money flowing. Now, a year after Grammy’s death, the shop is struggling. Her only granddaughter Cinnamon is running the show but good intentions and dreams of success can only take a sweets shop so far. It’s worse when you can’t bake and are being haunted by a know-it-all ghost.
Will Cinnamon learn the ropes or will the handsome stranger with a sweet tooth be too distracting?

Petunia’s Freight Night with Fred
A Sex Shop Series Novella

The silicone southern belle bride wasn’t even on her honeymoon before she noticed the way freaky Fred looked at her. An on-order wedding guest, her plastic cousin had rubbed her wrong since she and her love’s wedding night. But now, with the leaves taking a final bow and strange noises in her and Guy’s dream dollhouse, the sex doll is sure of one thing: Fred’s out to get her. Worse? He’s out to kill her man. And Petunia will stop at nothing to bring him down. She knows about the freezers. She doesn’t mind the smell of moth balls either. But with the ground frozen behind the gazebo and Marcy and her stupid dog sniffing around it will be a Halloween to remember. It’s not every day you see a sex doll show down.

Maid for You
A Sex Shop Series Novella

Missy missed her shot at the dream life she’d always wanted. Now, as a single mom, she struggles everyday to make ends meet as a maid at the local resort. When a VIP graces the resort with his presence, Missy is assigned his suite. Her job? Give him everything he wants, no questions asked. Is Missy ready to be at the beck and call of the dashing man in the Presidential Suite or will his demands send them both packing?

Petunias and Cream
A Soda Shop Series Novella

Sugar, spice and all the things nice: That’s what sex dolls are made of? Even Petunia is having a hard time getting her head around the old cliché. Lately, and after more than a year of domestic bliss, she’s had hankerings to break outside the proverbial cardboard travel box. Armed with a plan to show her Guy some fun, Petunia becomes determined to spice things up not only in the bedroom but kitchen too. If all goes to plan, it will start with a trip to the soda shop and end with a pop only a silicone princess could dream up…

Death with a Cherry on Top
A Soda Shop Series Novella

Okay, maybe love and donuts weren’t a great mix but never count Zoey Martel out. Armed with a new plan and a support group who has her back, Zoey is ready to tackle her next big adventure. With a new job at Cherry’s Chillers what could possibly go wrong? When you’re a member of the undead, everything! Especially when your new boss can get you hot in more ways than one.

Death and the Trouble with Goats
A Pet Shop Series novella

Zoey’s at it again! This time, her search for the perfect job leads her out of town and onto the farm. Looking for peace and quiet while earning a living, Zoey decides to put her love for animals to the test. Getting hired on at a local veterinarian’s rehab center is perfect! She’s a country girl after all. How hard can tending animals be? When you’re the town’s living dead girl nothing goes as planned. Dogs with attitudes, possums with zombie issues, and spooked horses are all part of the fun. But when a goat named Clyde enters the picture, Zoey realizes she’s met her match, in more ways than one.

Death with a French Vanilla Splash
A Coffee Shop Series novella

The search for love and the perfect job continues for resident zombie girl, Zoey Martel. This time though, the job couldn’t be better suited. When she was alive coffee was her addiction. Maybe spending her time at French Vanilla Splash, her favorite shop in town, will help her fight her other cravings. Will coffee make her feel alive again or will the hottie at the corner table help cure what ails her?

A Hard Candy Christmas
A Santa’s Work Shop Series novella

Holidays are hard, especially when you’re alone. For years, Chrissy Donovan didn’t know the meaning of being lonely. She was married to a prominent businessman. She was the perfect wife. She cooked, cleaned, sacrificed herself, her career, and her dreams for the man she loved. She bent over backward to entertain guests, impress business associates, and help seal deals to secure her man’s future. All the while, her supposedly devoted husband, was screwing around with the young intern he’d taken under his wing. Now, after a messy, yet lucrative, divorce Chrissy finds herself able to start over far away from the life she once had. The last thing she anticipated though, was a case of the holiday blues. Will Chrissy rediscover herself in time to spend the holidays with someone new or will letting go of the past be harder than she thought?

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