Possessed by Passion is LIVE!!

Yes, it’s true, Possessed by Passion went live at midnight. I’m massively excited, scared, hopeful, thankful, and all kinds of other things this morning. Like I’ve said before, this is it, this is my shot at those USA Today Bestseller letters. I want them. Damn, do I want them. The thing is, I’m not oneContinue reading “Possessed by Passion is LIVE!!”

My nerves are shot!!

Have you ever wanted something so bad you can’t stop thinking about it? That’s where I am right now. Anyone who follows my writing has seen that I’m in a USA Today Bestseller’s List aiming set. The set, Possessed by Passion, features amazing authors who honestly, I don’t hold a candle to. The stories featuredContinue reading “My nerves are shot!!”