Graveyard Girls

Since their unsolved murders in 1989, the Graveyard Girls have become local legends in Cobbly Nob. Tales of lies, deceit, ghostly apparitions, and mysterious gifts being left on their graves bring paranormal fans from all around to visit their haunting grounds. As the local “ghost girl” and resident of a now famous haunted Inn, Amber finds herself being pulled into the legend of the Graveyard Girls and the questions surrounding their deaths. Joined by her new friends, she embarks on yet another mystery in hopes of discovering the terrifying truth of what happened that fateful night. Will they unravel the secrets buried long ago or will they learn you should never play with dead girls?


A woman is found abandoned on the side of the road. Screams of pain rip through the air as she tears her hair out by the roots. Sores on her skin ooze as her flesh is devoured at an unprecedented rate. Then, madness sets in.

In the darkened hallways of an emergency room, a young doctor on call must act quickly. Terrified by what he sees, he makes the call. But he already knows it’s too late.

It has no name or place of origin. It spreads like wildfire. The CDC has never seen anything like it. They have no treatment. Death is imminent. They tried to alert the world, but it was too late. It has been unleashed and worst of all, it’s airborne.
Will anyone be able to survive the VIRUS?


The first wave of the virus took the world by storm. The smartest minds couldn’t provide answers. The leading scientists were without a clue. The only thing the government could do was step in. Flights were cancelled. Businesses closed. Schools dismissed. Events postponed. Those not infected were left in a panic. They raided stores, avoided and even killed the sick. They even stole from their neighbors. Something had to be done. With no other options left, the powers that be enact their last line of defense. Those left in the military are on patrol. Curfews are put into place. Areas are created for the sick. The rest of the country, possibly the world, are told to stay indoors as the new way of life takes over. Still, there are those who wander in the darkness, avoiding isolation. Some search for a safe place, others, the infected, search for their next meal. The virus is still active and deadly as ever. But a new threat has emerged. Who will be strong enough to endure the…QUARANTINE?

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